Poppa’s been smooth since days of Underroos….

Yesterday marked the running of the tri geeks in tighty whiteys aka The Underpants Run.  Little do most triathletes know, but this run began as a means for locals to make fun of all the triathletes who like to walk around in teeeny tiny speedos with horrific tan lines in town.  Ironman Danish, BDubbs, Rae, and I participated in this ritual last year along with Nelson (Ironman Danish BFF who didn’t make the trip this year) and were all geared up to participate again this year, even shopping for the coolest underroos before leaving MIA.

They woulda been cool….

You’re welcome….

However, Ironman Danish has been really nursing a calf muscle strain and battled back from a bad spot with the help of Beyond Wellness doctor Katie Kreis, so, needless to say he is wary to do even the smallest run in undies without proper warm up and cool down/stretch session.  As a result, we skipped it.  You can thank us now for no pics of us in our underroos.  Also, Nelson was not here, really taking a little bit of the ridiculousness out of this event.

2011 With Nelson (with him this event is at least 19% more ridiculous….)

Where is Nelson this year one may wonder….lets just say he needs to put his training wheels back on the bike….

The rest of the day, well, was pretty mellow.  Historically, two days before ANY race, both Ironman Danish and I like to take as a rest day.  The Ironman World Champs is no different, and, BDubbs is on that same rest program.  Thus the day was spent lounging around the condo–which, I should mention, isn’t a terrible place to spend the day.  We even were able to catch a pod of dolphins frolicking–it was AWESOME.

I did venture out into the world to take some glamor shots of Fergie with her lei beachside and also to check out the expo.

Damn straight

Then we went to church

There was nothing much happening at the expo, in fact, I feel as though last year’s expo had more things I really liked for sale–this is a good thing, for my wallet.  One item, and it was not at the expo, spoke to me this year and it was a super sweet set of arm sleeves from Planet Sun Hawaii.

They match perfectly….

Luckily there was even more free stuff being given away.  Turns out, most of the SRAM guys mountain bike and were really happy when we asked to see the new XX derailleuer and they loaded us up with schwag.  I, in turn, loaded them up with some sweet Rose Bandit koozies!

Ironman Danish seems to be in a good spot and, has an AWESOME race number: 1606!  His pretty hate machine (aka his TT bike) is all charged (Di and all) and ready to rock!!!

The Ironman and I after a long day of lounging….

Why I Ride Pink…

I have pink bikes, pink bike lights, pink race wheels, pink sports bra, pink socks, a pink chain, and my team’s primary color is, well, naturally, pink.  I am fairly certain that some people think I am completely crazy or a girly girl that has always loved pink more than anything else (and probably played with Barbie–not the case I promise).  My affinity and dedication to the color pink has not been life long.  I actually was quite infatuated with orange for a brief period in High School…anyway, pink for me is about more than the color, it is about the cause.  In 1998 my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer.  I was a freshman in college and was naturally devastated.  I felt helpless and like there was nothing I could do to help except be there for my mom, pray, and wear the official color for the cure–pink.  As I soon found out, I could purchase pretty much everything in pink, I did, and almost every time, proceeds went to the cause. (for instance, my AWESOME ltd Pink Standup Mixer)

My mom was lucky to have an amazing doctor, treated by Dr. Lawrence Schulman of Dana Farber Cancer Institute and his AMAZING nursing staff.  With his help and the clinical trials my mom swore to be a part of from minute one she was diagnosed, she was able to ENJOY ten years of living with stage 4 Breast Cancer.  In the winter of 2005 I became engaged and undertook wedding planning with my mom.  I also would check in with my hubby’s mom and his two sisters, one of whom, a mom of two in her mid thirties (who through phone conversations became close with my mom), was also living with stage 4 Breast Cancer.  In the early spring of 2006, my husband’s sister passed away.  Shortly after her passing, I purchased “Rosie”:

Glam shot of "Rosie"

In 2007, just one month after my wedding to my husband my mom was also taken by the disease.  It was at this point I went all-in with the color pink and with roses.  (my mom was an avid pray-er, specifically to St Theresa, the little flower…)  In 2008, Danish (my hubby) and I moved to Miami, in 2009 I ran the breast cancer marathon and in the fall of 2009 puchased “Pinky” to complete my first Half Ironman:

"Pinky"...a speed machine

Shortly after realizing I enjoyed the cycling portion of triathlon much better than any other discipline, I purchased my 6.9 SSL Project One WSD Trek Madone, “Rizzo” (with the intention of someday racing–I hoped):

"Rizzo" enjoying a nice little beach day...

And then once realizing (aka being talked into it my my husband) that mountain biking was a fun and awesome way to train for power on the road (cross train for crits) I started riding more mtb.  I signed up for the ORAMM and before racing, purchased a blank carbon frame, got a custom paint job of a pink ribbon that jumps off the frame at you and at the seat tube a pink rose withmy mom’s initials hidden in the rose– FINALLY having a bike completely dedicated to the cause and, my mom…I call her Ma:


“Ma” is complete with pink SRAM noir, pink Hope brakes, pink SRAM XO, a pink saddle, a pink lady chain, pink egg beaters (that are actually the titanium ones with pink replacement parts), pink lock on grips by Token, and of course the must have obligatory pink tire levers and water bottles…

So, why do I ride pink?  Because I want to kill breast cancer…and I intend to do so one training day, one race day, one pink day at a time….