Ironman Eve

Today is Ironman Eve.  The day started with a mini triathlon for both of the Ironman.  The plan: a small swim (barely to the coffee barge–I went “all the way” to the barge), followed by a 45 minute ride with some “openers,” and then a brisk run that contained more “openers.”  I played “ironmate” and tagged along for all but the run (shocking I know).  The swim was pretty awesome, as always, but what made it even awesomer was that we ran into THE Caveman aka Conrad Stoltz doing a little swim to ride transition.  Super cool!

After riding 45 minutes withe guys, I headed out for another hour of riding solo.  I rode down to the burial grounds and back.  Along my ride I noticed how welcoming the local beaches looked today, since the “vog” had finally lifted.  It’s been very “voggy” since we have been here.  Vog might be my new favorite Hawaiian term, and one I can pronounce, it means a smog/fog produced from volcanic activity.  Cool.  The local beaches were so awesomeful looking, Rae and I decided to let the Ironmen be on their Ironman eve to stew together about their transition bags on their own and we headed with our goggles to float around as if snorkeling and take some sweet pics with cool fishes.  Unfortunately, we both had polarized lenses on our swim goggles, so lots of pics of tops of our heads and half fishes here are some of the best:

After our trip to the beach, we came back and helped the two Ironmen prepare for lift off aka bike check in.  Di’s were charged, transition bags were packed and at 4 on the dot we rolled (well, we walked along side two rolling bikes) down to transition (aka the place where they change from sport to sport).

Leaving the condo….

In the elevator

On the road to transition

Did I mention I might have a secret calling as a papparazzi?

Rae and I taking pics of each other when they got tired of our ridiculous picture taking….

Ironman Danish heading in….

Mission accomplished!  Bikes have been dropped, Ironmen fed, and now we are off to bed.


The only difference from Ironman eve and Christmas eve is that instead of Santa and lots of gifts awaiting you in the morning, you have to wake up, swim 2.4 miles, bike 112miles, then run 26.2miles for free….yeah, that doesn’t make it sound that cool….but it does prompt me to create this hashtag (or at least point one out that may already exist):  #TGINR (Thank God I’m Not Racing).

Red sky at night!  Good news for these two sailor Ironmen!!!!

Race reporting to follow tomorrow! 1606!!!! Track that!