Yes, Virginia, there is a Lance Armstrong….

Virginia, your little friends are wrong.  They have been caught up in the drama and craziness started by an organization that is supposed to stand for what is good and right in sport.  They believe as they read in the press, they do not think on their own and look at true facts.

Fact: Lance beat cancer

Yes, Virginia, there is a Lance Armstrong.  Lance Armstrong might not be on paper, record books, in yellow jerseys for too much longer thanks to the USADA, but Lance Armstrong is more than records and results:  Lance exists in the way modern bicycle races are today, in the drive exhibited by cancer patients to fight for their life, and in the cocky confidence that every top athlete possesses and makes us love them.  As Lance, himself, said it’s not about the bike.

Once the public heard the news (which Lance himself broke via blog), people immediately accused him of being a fraud of a fighter and, thus, immediate assumption of guilt.  I too Virginia, felt a bit like people were trying to tell the world there is no Santa Claus.


While the haters will hate, Virginia, it is important to remember that Lance is more than a bike racer.  He is a man who proved to millions upon millions that cancer can be beat and made to look the fool.  He is a man who paved the way for how we race bikes today (a team–who would have thought?).  He is a man who founded one of the most successful organizations ever dedicated to fighting cancer and inspiring others to fight the disease like hell.  So while he, to some, might no longer be a “hero” and USADA and others might try and take away yellow jerseys, remember: the most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see.  So, years from now, will people choose to remember Lance the bike racer, “a doper,” and no more?  Well, if the USADA and the haters have their way yes.  But, if you continue to believe, continue to KNOW that there is more to the story– the inspiration his fight gives cancer patients and the drive his organization has to take on this deadly disease–the memory of and belief in what Lance means will Live-on and Livestrong forever.  I do not know if Lance doped, nor do I care and neither does my brother who is kicking cancer’s ass.

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