On the Road Again

So, this weekend for me marks a return to the world of racing road bikes.  Since there is no MTB action this weekend and a call put out for all women to get their butts to the starting line at the Bill Bone Pro Am Race at Vista View Park (yeah–the race organizers are threatening to take away women’s only starts if more women don’t show, of course, they happened to have decided to put this call out on a pretty important race weekend for the pro 1-3 women….good one).  Vista View is also known as “the dump” mostly due to the fact that it was, in fact, a landfill prior to being turned into a lovely park (sans trees) for all to enjoy with the family that is hoping to all acquire super powers by rolling down the hills there together (they swear nothing toxic is left to ooze out of the ground….sure, I believe that).Image

Anyway, the long and short of it is, I am hoping to find me some super powers to climb the nasty little power climb hill approximately 12 times in a row.  This is the profile of the race from the last time I raced at this venue…


As you can see, not the easiest race.  Of course, it is definitely NOT the Presbyterian Charlotte Criterium either–that is fast and furious.  So, while this road bike event might be the closest road event to a MTB race you can find (it has some pretty bike handling intensive corners and, of course, hills), I am excited to get out there and race for women‘s right to their own start (this is a topic worthy of a post of its own…).


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