Leadville MTB 100: A blessing and/or a curse…

Over the past month, I have really been racing my brains out.  I finished out the Coconut Cup Series here in Miami, raced in the 12 hours of Santos (6 hour solo division), raced Xterra Miami, and SERC #1.  I have really been focusing on getting better: developing my technical skills and improving my fitness.  My racing regimen this year has not been what I expected and largely due to getting into the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race (yikes).

I had planned on racing on the road much more this year than last year, and certainly not bogging my schedule down with racing on the trails.  I had planned to race the Delray Beach Twilight among other road races; however, Leadville caused a MAJOR shift in priorities mostly motivated by my desire not to be on my saddle for more than 11 hours.  Last year, I raced the ORAMM, and it was AWESOME.  Rumor has it, the ORAMM is much, much, much harder technically than Leadville (you can pretty much tell by the video of Lance and Dave that Leadville is no biggie—that is biting sarcasm btw).

The issue with Leadville is the whole there-is-no-oxygen-in-the-air issue….and, being an asthmatic, I already roll around with less oxygen getting into my system than others–sweet.  So, I have debated (since Ironman Danish and Fast Freddy both also got in to Leadville) do we invest in an oxygen tent?  A hypoxic breather?  Or, do we just tough it out–I mean, the town is ONLY at 10, 000 feet and you race up from there–how bad could it be?

I guess a tent MIGHT be weird....and would Q and M fit in?

This might be creepier...

Not sure Q and M would be as calm as these guys in a tent...

So, as I train myself for a long, long day in the saddle with no air to breathe, I have been thinking to myself–is this a blessing to get in or a curse?  I don’t think it is as strong as a “blessing” or as bad as a “curse,” but if nothing else, it should be interesting.

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