Almost Super Sunday

Well, being a Patriots fan, you know I am definitely referring to the less than Super-bowl…but, earlier on not so “super” bowl Sunday I had a Coconut Cup Series race at Amelia Earhart park.  The trails at Amelia are a favorite of many here in MIA as it is fun, flowy, and fast!  Ironman Danish has been giving me some skills lessons on those trails lately, and I think that they really paid off.

Saturday was the MTB Time Trial!  I was pretty excited for this as I really enjoy the Time Trialing aspect of the sport of cycling and tend to perform pretty well on the road, but had no idea how I would do on a MTB TT course–I also didn’t really know what that even
means.  A MTB TT??  Turns out it is a short section of trail, in this case, 3.5 miles.  The course is mostly non technical, but they did manage to sneak in one new section of trail, “Car trail,” that involves a plank (if you choose to go over it vs the mud pit next to it–despite being a bit timid of the planks, I chose plank–mostly because I know Ironman Danish would be PISSED if I sissyed out).  I posted a time of 16:06, which, granted, nothing special to write home about but it was enough to get me the win over the other girls that day.  I came home, ice bathed, ate some sushi, and hit the hay for the Cross Country portion of the race that was set to start 9:30am Sunday morning.

Saturday night I was a little worried when I woke up with some seriously sore legs and needing some water in the middle of the night, but was happy when I woke up I felt markedly better.  We got to the trails, after, of course, stopping for my daily cortadito to power my day and promptly started warming up both a little in the trails and a little around the lake in the center of the park.  I did some efforts and felt pretty ready to roll come my start time.  I knew this time I wanted to be smarter, and not enter the trails first so when I saw that I easily was going to enter the trails first I let up a little and let a girl that was not at the last race go ahead of me. (here is a sweet video taken by Pax Tolosi–thanks Pax!!)

I rode behind the new girl, and we were charging.  It was pretty soon into the race that I was 7 seconds behind the lead girl and the field was 45 seconds behind us.  My gap to the lead fluctuated from 7 to 25 seconds for most of the first lap.  I had her in my sights when a group of guys from a slower group that started ahead of the girls base race wouldn’t let me pass.  I couldn’t believe how they wouldn’t let me go by, I heckled them a bit (ok more than a bit) and they finally let me by but by the time they did I had lost a good chunk of time to the lead.  Turns out these guys were as miserable to the girls behind me, and I kept my lead on the field.  On the second lap I was pretty happy to settle in to a nice pace behind a pretty quick junior racer.  I rode out the race in a pretty anticlimactic 2nd, although knowing I had to keep pushing in the event something happened and the lead crashed or, worse, I did.  Neither happened and I finished 2nd–again.  I was happy with my racing this past weekend and, more importantly, I had a TON of fun.  I know that soon the girls in base and I will all move up the the Sport category for more fun and LONGER racing in that class.  While I felt my performance was good, I wish I could say the same for the Pats…it was almost a Super Sunday….

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