Race Ready…

So, we returned home from Ragnar and immediately hit the bikes again and got back to work training with a plan.  I have some early season races that I have been planning on doing, and this past weekend was one of them.  It is always difficult racing in the early season, and, for that matter, racing any “C” priority race.  “A” priority races are those that you are setting your training plan around, “B” priority races are of moderate importance to test oneself, and “C” priority races are only in there as training.  It can be hardest to race “C” priority, mostly because you are not anywhere close to peak form and, for me, coming off of three weeks of no lung capacity I knew that this would hold true.

This past weekend was the Coconut Cup #4 at Oleta River State Park.  I ended up racing Base Women’s.  I say “ended up” because I had wanted to race Sport Women’s this season, but I knew that would not be the move given my reduced lung capacity.

Ironman Danish took some sweet vid of my race, I will write more about the race later:

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