Road to Recovery

Having been sick and unable to do much of anything at all for three weeks with pneumonia, I was finally cleared about two and a half weeks ago to do light exercise.  Of course, in my world this meant running the 24 miles I had signed up to run as my legs on my Ragnar Relay almost-ultra team.

To be an official Ragnar Ultra team you have to have 6 runners–we had 8, I knew that I had to be healthy for this race or our whole team would be effed on the miles.  I figured if I took the running easy, I should be able to get through the miles I was supposed to cover.  Keeping this in mind:

I raced.  However, it was on my opening leg of the race (6.4 miles) that I realized that having done NOTHING for three weeks was going to really mean a lot of pain for me.  Usually, I employ the “only run when racing” to my run training, but this year I had actually be running–I figured it should be smooth sailing.  However, in years past, when using my “only run when racing” I had at least been riding my bike like a crazy person–thus, having a good aerobic capacity to fall back on when running muscles weren’t there.  This time, having no ride time, and a lung sickness, I did not have that and really had to keep my asthma in check.  After leg one, I knew that this was going to be a long race.

The Leg Directions in the "Rag Mag"

My second leg of the race was on a trail in the middle of the Everglades that has a river running alongside…you are instructed as the runner not to stop AT ALL, not to bring food, and if you see a gator–run faster.  8.8 miles in the dark with gators on the Southern Glades Trail–awesome!

Google's Image of the Trail

I managed to actually have a pleasant little night run on the trail, of course with my re-named “gator whistle” in my vest pocket.

my old "bear whistle" a "gator whistle"--one sound, I fell down...two, I am being eaten by a gator

I was able to limp through my last two runs of the race, mostly due to the awesomest team ever (this is our third Ragnar Race together) and Ironman Danish who took my last 2 miler from me (phew).  Since the race, I have been back to riding…and man does it feel good to be back on the bike.  While it didn’t  feel “good” at first (winded on our team “chatty paced ride” from the asthma), it is feeling better now.  Last Monday I had an AWESOME 4 hr ride from MIA to Oleta River State Park, a lap of the trails, and then back to MIA with a fellow Rose Bandit Teammate and it was AWESOME!  The trails were in great condition and my lungs are getting better.  Getting back out on the road/bike is certainly helping my recovery….how could you not get better with a view like this from this morning….

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