Sick Sucks…Bikes make you better…

So, for the past week or so, I have been fighting off what feels like it must either be “whooping cough” or the “black lung.”  I have been carefully heading Joe Friel’s advice on this problem since giving in to the sick–it too me a solid four days of riding and (gasp!) running before I realized that having to pull over while I cough up a lung during exercise (and the looks I got for it) was probably not the best move for my overall well being.  But, I am sure, if you are anything like me, then you too have been in the position of not willing to give in to feeling sick.

Me @ the Dr.

When I finally gave in to feeling sick this past Monday, I found out I have Pneumonia….yikes!  I went to the doctor on Monday with my whooping cough and the

It could have been worse....

doctor ordered a chest X-ray given the terrible sounding cough I had.  The x-ray revealed that my chest was full of fluid.  In the meantime while waiting for the results, they diagnosed sinusitis and an ear infection! Sweet!  When the x-ray results came back I was put on an emergency inhaler dose in the office, prescribed a z-pack, ear drops, steroids, and a steroid inhaler AND sudafed.  I was either going to start to glow in the dark or start feeling better.  Lucky for me, I have actually started to feel better (and I think Ironman

Simple pleasures...not sneezing or coughing for 24 hrs...

Danish would have mentioned glowing in the dark).  I am a step closer to riding and running again as I can now smell and taste again and can go almost 10 minutes without coughing or blowing my nose….simple pleasures really.

While sick, I self prescribed myself some bike therapy.  As in, I bought myself a new bike.  Her name is Stella.  She is a pink steel Schwinn Racer single speed (soon in her future, full on fixie) rocker.  I broke down and took her on her maiden voyage last night (fixie bikes are night owls, they prefer night riding).  I unfortunately had to stop abruptly as I had a coughing fit with just a little bit of aerobic exercise.

I definitely plan on rocking Stella at the next Miami Critical Mass ride!

Meet Stella--she is pinker in person!!

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