So, running and I do not have a good or healthy relationship.  But, as my 2012 goal setting has taken place, I have decided to put on my list “qualify for the Xterra World Championships.”

Now, there is open registration for this event, but, I do not simply want to go to the World Champs I want to be competitive at the World Champs.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Xterra, it is an off-road triathlon (gasp!).  And, again– for those of you who don’t know– triathlon involves swimming, biking and running–in Xterra’s case: off road swimming, off road cycling, and off road running…although, I am pretty sure the swim is still off road in any sort of triathlon, so this one must be WICKED off road.  I am thinking of training for the off road swim like this:

Even with it being wicked off road,  I am less afraid of the swim than the run for the following reasons:

1.  I have now completed and done respectably in 3 half ironman races–most notably always slightly around or above average on the swim.

2.  I have a naturally floaty rear-end, thanks to a well endowed dupa.

3.  I can always doggy paddle a little and still finish respectably in the swim (I know this because I have utilized this method before–I learned from watching sesame street).

4.  It is proven, you don’t win a triathlon based upon your swim time–it is sort of a runners race…ruh roh

So, the bike, obviously, I am less concerned about–even with this being a mountain biking race event, I am not overly concerned.  I am, after the ORAMM, pretty confident in my mouton biking skills–at least enough to know that I can make it through the course respectably, and by respectably I mean there might be a foot down here or there or lifting my bike over an especially tricky obstacle, but, I can do that very speedy (try keeping up with Ironman Danish on the expert trails without knowing these little tricks–Ben Stiller can identify).

This brings me to the run….as I said before…ruh roh.  I am not a runner, I don’t pretend to be a runner (although I did briefly while training for the Breast Cancer Marathon in 2009), and I am pretty sure I never want to be a runner.  That being said, I know I have to start to at a minimum embrace running…urgh.  So, thanks to Captain America aka Ironman Danish, my training plan for 2012 has been amended to include running mileage goals and workouts.  (the upside to having Ironman Danish assist in ATP writing is that he has been successful at writing good plans…the downside is he now has my plan and his committed to memory–yielding questions like “hey, aren’t you supposed to run 6 miles today”…sweet)…

To my surprise, I have actually (so far…three weeks in….) been meeting my weekly goals and even runs! Yikes!…I even raced a “5k” trail run at Oleta River State Park (we ride here often–it’s my fav place to ride)…I put the “” there because my computer (not gps) and everyone else’s said 4 miles almost on the dot…but whatevs, more bang for my registration buck…So, not only did I “race” this “5k” I actually won it?!?!?!!!  Can you believe it?…I couldn’t:

WICKED confused

3 thoughts on “Running…

  1. Whoa! This is the true demise of my one single bragging point! Running (which I also hate) was the only athletic feat in the past 16 yrs of my life in which I was actually slightly better than you. Cheers to things going back to normal! Luv ya!

  2. Ahhh I’ve seen that swim commercial and I absolutely LOVE it. I watched it while studying in the library a couple years ago and made quite the commotion LOL-ing at it.

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