I didn’t know we were racing…

Riding my bike for over 600 hours this past year (a combo of rd and mtb, but mostly rd) I have encountered many different riders while out training.  My pet peeve, however, are those riders who didn’t let you know that you were supposed to be racing them.  On the road and on the trails (and yes, even on those rare occasions when I go for a run) there is always a testosterone charged athlete looking to leave you in their dust.  Now, how can you tell them from just jo-schmo racer guy out doing intervals??…well…here are my key identifiers:

1.  The offender sits on your wheel for about 30 seconds and catches their breath (if they can, most often it sounds like they are dying) before “attacking”….making sure that they demonstrate to you that they are “riding through the pain” (this happens on the trails as well):

2.  The rider (usually sporting an unmatching kit and hairy legs) gets low, but not in the drops–’cause, you know, they want to look like they aren’t trying.

3.  They give you the infamous “look back”….just to confirm that you know they passed you and are going to leave you in their dust (it is also known as an invitation to match their acceleration)…

4.  When you eventually catch them doing your training pace workout (cause they explode up the road) they completely ignore you, look the other way, and often times almost wipe out because all that hand pressure they use while looking away caused them to steer all sorts of crazy…

At this point, I am always left wondering “do they think they won the imaginary race?”

Of course, while these riders may be a pet peeve of mine…they are no where near as high on the list as the person (or people) that threw tacks into the bike lanes on Key Biscayne recently:

Sooooooo lame….

2 thoughts on “I didn’t know we were racing…

  1. Duffy,

    Lets not make too much fun of the cyclist that does not shave. I’m a hairy dude. Shaving did not go well for the miami 70.3, so I’m down to just clipping now. So even though I share your thoughts on most things, i.e the I did not know we were racing bit. Ease up on us non shavers.

    Your friend,


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