ATP’s make you HTFU

So, this time of year there is a lot going on (work, holidays, mtb season, 70.3 MIA)  but nothing all at the same time.  I am in what I like to call the “not plan plan” time of year.  The rest of the year, I train pretty strictly off of a training plan developed from Joe Friel’s cyclist training bible.  Last year I undertook a pretty ambitious program.  Joe himself actually says that any cyclist who has not been riding three years (yup, me) shouldn’t need consider a plan.  Everything in the first three years is base mileage.  OK- I thought…but then, why not be methodical about my base right?  So, I built myself a little training plan based off of 600 ATP hours (ATP=Annual Training Plan).  Every Monday all winter and spring I rode for 4 hours.  Monday is my long day because I work on weekends…more on that another time.  You do, however, have to take life and work into account when scheduling rides and workouts.

a sample month of my 2011 ATP

I went from the base 1, to base 2, to base 3, build 1, build 2, peak, and back to a small base, build, build, peak…and followed his model to what I feel like is success in my racing this year (2nd at State Cri cat 3/4, 6 hr 70.3 Providence, 7th Female overall at the ORAMM).  However, after the Off Road Assault on Mt. Mitchell, I had no race looming on the horizon.  I went back to Joe and he stressed the importance of this time of year–having fun on the bike during the transition.

Having fun on the bike on Halloween

So, that is what I have been doing.  I have been mountain biking, riding Rizzo, and even my TT bike if I feel like.  I have been running a little as well (although–I hate running, it is good cross training).  This is all well and good, but I really know myself and I like having a plan.

the bible

So, this time of year, I am back to ATP planning.  I am pinpointing my “A” priority races, “B” priority races, and my “C” priority races for 2012 (which can be a challenge as many dates are not totally set, but you can go off of weekends from years past).  I am setting my goals and trying to have a method to my madness….I am also sending in my lottery application to the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race.  Hopefully, this race will be another “A” priority race I can add to my calendar….how can you NOT want to do this race after watching this video:

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