Q and M

I actually can’t believe I have gotten so far without mentioning my two Irondogs, aka my furry babies, Q and M.

Aren't they handsome and beautiful?

Quinn, the mighty Quinn, is a chow-chow, shepherd, golden, other stuff Heinze 57 from a shelter on the North Fork of Long Island.  I adopted my baby boy when he was only 5 weeks old, not even weened from his dog momma.

First day home!

I was actually about to finalize adopting another puppy when I saw my little Quinn walk by the room I was in at the shelter in the arms of a shelter worker.  Turns out, his littler had been left at the shelter over the night in a box at the back door (I got there at opening).  His little gold fur, eyes, and little black skunk stripe that ran down his back to the tip of his tail were irresistible.  He also knew a sucker when he saw one–we immediately connected and I knew he was my guy.  My little guy has had his ups and downs.  Ups being moments such as being picked as “Mr December” for his shelters calendar and downs like accidentally biting a friend and having to attend Tufts animal behavior specialist, having to go on Prozac for a few years….he is now completely well adjusted and, “drug free.”  He, like his human mom and dad, likes to ride bikes and, in fact, we have to speak in code around our house…we cannot say simple statements like “want to go on a bike ride?” or it ends in a crazy parade around the house…

Margarita is our little South Texas street girl–hence the name.  Margarita was found by her rescuing shelter giving birth to a littler of puppies with another little of older puppies with her as well.

What Marg looked like the day I brought her home...

She is a momma, and, therefore, she was my mom replacement.  I know that sounds weird and twisted, but she filled a void when I needed it and continues to do so.  I didn’t go looking for her, she found me (and Q) one day in the Petco in Corpus Christi, TX.

Marg, happily adopted, her brother--less excited

They brought her to the adoption day, but not for her to be adopted, rather to nurse her puppies who were up for adoption.  She was adorable and I was convinced she was a puppy, not a momma nursing puppies.  The shelter actually considered her “unadoptable” they said she was sort of nasty (sort of was true, she is a chow-chow, corgi, some other mutt mix–also a Heinze 57), had a chip on her shoulder, and on top of that, was not a “big” dog or a “small” dog, she was medium…not a size most people look for when adopting a dog.  Unless, of course, you are me, you just lost your mom to breast cancer, and M looks at you with her little beady eyes and says she loves you and only you.

Super Q and Busy B Margarita...

My furry babies are also our little soldiers.  They are, if I do say so myself, wonderfully behaved dogs.  They sit, stay, come when called, lie down, stand up, wait to eat until they hear the word “ok” (including one time when I put their food in a bowl, went outside, took the trash out, came back in and they still had not eaten–what soldiers!), and know how to ride a bike.  Yup!  Both run along side the bikes amazingly well, including knowing right vs left cues, stop at stop signs, and not pull.  They are awesome–this is why they are my iron dogs.  Quinn and Margarita are also THE REASON why everyone should adopt shelter dogs….as if the Pedigree commercials didn’t already convince you that you should….

The family

Anyway, I just needed to sing the praises of my amazing babies and now have to go get ready for my bike ride in the morning…shhhh, I hope they didn’t hear me say it….

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