Another Midnight @ Ironman

So the Ironman Danish finished….that was cool…or hot, depending on how you look at it.  One thing I failed to mention before is that it was BLAZING hot out on the course during the race (even if you train in Miami).  Lucky for all, awesome spectating crew included, some late afternoon clouds rolled into town from the mountains (which are really volcanos!).   As mentioned, Ironman Danish  acquired some pretty serious burns over the course of the day from the extreme sun, including  a SWEET sunburn in the exact shape of the race number 1534…

sunscreen folks...use it

Anyway, perhaps the coolest part of the geeky triathlon culture, is really not that geeky at all.  It is the fact that built into Ironman (full distance) is that almost every finisher (pros included) comes back to the finish line to cheer on the late night and, yes, midnight finishers….yeah– midnight—gives new meaning to “long day.”

No biggie...just Crowie giving you your medal....

or Chrissie and Mirinda...

So as you see, even the pros Chrissie, Crowie, Mirinda (yeah, we are on first and nickname basis) come to cheer home the late nighters—they are all there, cheering home the (most likely) lottery “winners”…its pretty awesome.  The official voice of Ironman is calling out the names, telling stories of the people who finished.  The coolest might have been when a double amputee sent word up the road to the finish line that he would like to have “Eye of the Tiger” playing when he came down the chute.  I think it was a tear jerker for all honestly.  Not much makes me cry or want to cry, except for pure athletic determination and success (well, and pain of course).  This guy almost got me there.  Anyway, the night ended with a woman who was coming down the chute at 16:59:00—finishing officially at 17:00:04.

not an ironman...sad....

Turns out she probably should not have stopped at the last water station.  Part of me wanted the official voice to say she was an Ironman, but part of me was please he instead uttered “well, you are an Ironman in our hearts.”  Tough deal….

Standing at the finish line, I met Tara Costa (from the Biggest Loser), that was cool.  I went over to her, thanked her for all she does and congratulated her on finishing the Ironman WC.  Truly, I think she is amazing.  To go from where she was to where she is now—finishing an Ironman under 14 hours is awesome.  Also while standing there, I realized that if I crossed the finish line and was greeted by many of the cheesy pop songs playing, I would demand a refund.  I mean, I am with the “Eye of the Tiger” guy– give me good old fashioned pump up music, none of this ear candy.  I would want “Thunderstruck” or “Welcome to the Jungle” or “Machine Head” or “Insomnia (once at the fast part)” or “Animal” or anything by Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, even Eminem…you get my point…this “hey should sister” bs is completely inappropriate in my opinion…Luckily for WTC, they redeemed themselves and had a kick ass finale show complete with flame throwing craziness:

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