Ironman Danish’s Ironman WC Race Report…Part 1-The Leadout Train

Ironman Danish has submitted to be his official race report….It is interesting to hear the ins and outs of an Ironman, and after reading it, I have a distinct impression that this is not my last tip to Kona and I would wager next year Ironman Danish will take Xtrerra up on the chance to win the double….Anyway, here is his race report (part 1 of 2 or 3…)


Bike: Cervelo P3C 56cm
Handle bars & Head set stack: Bontrager Aero XXX
Water bottles:  1 bottle cage on down tube and 1 on the aero bars.
Saddle:  Fizik Anteares
Rear Wheel:  Zipp Firecrest 808 Tubular
Front Wheel: Easton EA 90 Aero (58mm)
Shoes: Sidi Carbon Road with Pearl Izumi socks
Helmet: Gyro Aero
Kit:  Garneau one piece
Running Shoes:  Brooks Racer ST (no sock change) with bungee speed laces.
Head gear:  White 70.3 PVD hat, sunglasses
Goggles:  TYR Spec Ops
Wet Suit: None
Support Crew:  Duffy – who rocked it.


Breakfast –

3 chocolate ensure regulars (250 calories each)
1 Espresso with Skim Milk
Pre Race GU gel – Tri Berry with caffeine.

Bike –

1 Gatorade disposable sport bottle filled with Gatorade and 1 –  8 oz can of red bull
2 Tri Berry GUs
3 Hammer Gels (lost the other 2 in the flask in a small crash)
1 Chocolate Power Bar
1 Oatmeal Raisin Power Bar
PowerAid Perform – I would guess 6
2 Waters


1 Red Bull
2 Hammer Gels from flask
Water only at aid stations

Lessons learned:

  1. Gear: Swim in a speed suit, it saves you a bit of time to already have your number on under it and any nutrition you might want in your pockets.
  2. Gear: plastic water bottles don’t stand up to the chaos of T1, make sure you have a good water bottle.
  3. Gear: Tri shoes… have them on the pedals.  Then you have no need to stop in the changing tent.
  4. Nutrition:  Have a back up plan to get even more calories in then you could dream of.
  5. Sunscreen:  Nothing stands up, get a shoulder/arm cover.
  6. Nutrition:  Drink more water on the bike and the run, but especially the bike.
  7. Routine:  Never train the week before a race with anyone but Duffy.  It is really important to focus on what you need to get done and not be affected by others.


RACE WEEK:  I arrived in KONA, HI on Monday night, coming from the east coast the time change (6 hrs) wasn’t hard to adjust to, I wanted to go to bed at 8am and I was up at 4am, no big deal.  I was quite sick with a head cold the weekend before the race, so much so that I would get dizzy when packing up the bikes.  Every day I was in KONA I went for a morning swim except Friday when it rained most of the night and the morning and I didn’t want to risk swimming in the run off water.  The swim course was beautiful and I really enjoyed swimming there.   I started taking Duffy’s Nano Pack vitamins to help me with my cold.

On Tuesday I went for a bike ride with riders from Pacific Velo on Oahu (great team btw). However, I learned I will never ride with others again on Race week.  I wasn’t feeling very good and I rode far too hard despite only riding for 50 mins.  Race week focus needs to be on race pace speed in short intervals; no faster, no longer.

On Wednesday Duffy pre rode the course for me.  I went for an easy bike ride and run.  I was starting to feel a little better.

On Thursday I was planning to take the day off, but I really enjoyed swimming in Kona, so I went with Duffy and Jeff for an easy swim out to get coffee.  It was awesome.

The Coffee's of Hawaii Barge

Having fun after coffee....

On Friday I went for a short bike ride with Duffy and an even shorter run, I was starting to feel much better after the head cold.  I turned my bike and gear bags in to transition.

Headed to transition to turn in our bikes....

Pre race dinner was lemon chicken with rice and spinach.  I wasn’t super hungry because I had a chicken sandwich at lunch from Lava Java.

Race day to follow….

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