Rizzo gets leid!!!

The day started out as anything but what locals would call your typical Kona day….it started with torrential rain and grey skies….ruh roh.  Our plan for a morning swim was pretty much foiled by this weather, and the coffee barge had apparently also decided to postpone their presence until the rain subsided.  Lucky for all, the weather has cleared and it is a BEAUTIFUL day–might be more beautiful than any other day so far.  In fact, the wind has backed off at the Upolu Airport, maybe an all time low of 8mph!  Let’s hope it stays this way for the race!!! I actually was able to take Rizzo out for a spin this morning and she went hog wild in the beautiful sunshine:

Rizzo got a tattoo!!! (at least it's not an Mdot...phew!)

Riz got laid at the beach (at the swim start...man she is loose!)

She got laid by the surf....

and then she got laid by the pool....

So, it was a pretty full morning for Riz out on the town…but, we decided we would gear up and head out on a pre race ride with Danish.  We suited up and headed out and we are happy to report that Ironman Danish is ready to rock tomorrow!  Our little no heart rate zone (for him) 20 minute training ride averaged 20mph!  Sweet!!!  This time we took the more scenic bike course (rather than going on the IM bike course, Danish wanted to head on a more pre race scenic ride).  Rizzo and I stopped to snap this sweet shot:

Damn straight...respect this beeeeeach!!!

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