A new Pink Lady?

So I began my investigation into this team of ladies wearing pink.  In the shop, they knew that they were called the Rosebandits.  I went home and googled like crazy.  I googled everything from women’s cycling Miami, women’s cycling racing Miami, Florida women’s road bike racing, and now, Rosebandits.  I first got the name of some obscure scary rock band in Helsinki….that wasn’t what I was looking for….

My search finally yielded the Rosebandit Women’s Cycling Team website.  OK!  There they were!  In pink, looking pretty fierce, and, not sure I mentioned this–their kits are PINK!!!!!  Surprisingly, pink cycling kits are very hard to come by in the cycling word unless you want to purchase a mens Maglia rosa imitation kit from the Giro d’Italia

or the extremely recreational looking jersey with not-so-matching shorts.

a very "rec" pink jersey.....

I couldn’t believe it, I would pay whatever the membership dues were, I wanted in!  I also wanted to race.  I rode my bike “a lot” the first week I had her.  I say “a lot” because, my standards for mucho riding in a week was more like twice a week “back then.” (in 2010)

What my riding looked like in March 2010

My riding in March 2011....the difference a year makes

I emailed the team through their contact us on the website and waited…..and waited.  While I waited, I continued to ride and by Easter weekend decided I was ready to give the Pinecrest Ride a try.  To my surprise, I hung in the big peleton.  I hung in over the bridge, into the head wind, and only lost the group on the way to do the big bridge again.  I couldn’t believe it!  Was I really able to do THE ride???  On this ride, I met another girl rider.  She said she had seen me out (apparently Rizzo stands out in a sea of black, red, white and blue bikes), and had seen me in the ride, and thought that I should join her team– the Rosebandits.  She was a racer.  I said I wanted to race, and she encouraged the idea.  This response was MUCH different from the reaction I got from members of the local try group when I said I wanted to race to win the bike split at the Miami Man (they told me to start on their “beginner ride” before I tried anything faster.  Instead, I was being encouraged to ride fast and race!!!!

A few days later, I ended up hearing from the girl in charge of the team via email.  She asked me my background in cycling and what my goals were.  I told Boom (good nickname right?) that I was interested in racing and told her my triathlon “background” (I embellished a little as I recall, but did mention that I was a lifelong athlete).  She said I was welcome to join their team Friday ride.  I was petrified and excited.  I had heard more from others about how good these women area, and I felt that I was going to be dropped on the bridge, if not sooner…..I took Thursday off from riding so I was rested and ready to ride….I didn’t know if this was a try out or what, but I was going to be ready!!……

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