Ironman, Shmironman…part 2

So, we left off with Danish training for Ironman Texas….He was waking up at 4am, in the masters swim class pool at 5am, at work for his morning meeting by 7am, would lift weights OR run at lunch, some days would run home (about 18 miles) from work, other days ride to and from work….he was riding to Key Largo and back (about 120 miles, I tagged along on these along with friend “Alphonse”) on weekends, mountain biking with me (including a few 12 hour races), and running and running….good times!!

We headed to Texas.  One of my besties, “Roxy” (notice use of nicknames), drove up from CC to be race support for Danish and the Ramirez & Ramirez moving company (our other two friends competing in the race).  By race support, we mean drinking plenty of mimosas, driving from place to place, transition to transition, and shop to shop on rented beach cruisers to get plenty of action photos (and update FB with pics) and cheer obnoxiously for all our buds.  We did such an AMAZING job as pit crew, we like to think that we are in fact the reason that Ironman Danish is in fact not only an Ironman, but a 4th place finisher AND a qualified athlete for the 2011 Ironman World Championships in Kona!!!

The "A" Team

Now, the irony of Ironman Danish….One small detail I have left out about him is that he is a bit “type-a”…actually, that might be the biggest understatement of ALL TIME.  HE is WICKED type A+.  Despite being type A+ and despite being an IRONMAN, he still manages to:

-forget his wallet, keys, and cell phone almost everytime we go out….prompting me to want to purchase this doormat:

-misplace items regularly and ask me where I put them (he doesnt ever believe that I didnt touch them until item is found IN HIS POCKET)…but can find transition

note the confusing transition....

-the aformentioned crumb situation AND cabinet closing issue….but can tie his shoes

Passing a "pro" on the run, shoe tied and all!

-listens to about 50% of what I say when I speak (this i believe is not unique to him, but rather a male species issue at large)…but can hear my time splits on the race course

clearly, i am not alone on this one....

-can’t figure out how to eat an artichoke, so calls artichokes weird…but thinks sucking gu from a flask is normal

So, for these reasons, I say Ironman, Shmironman….(but I am pretty excited for the trip to HI!!)

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