Ironman, Shmironman….part 1

Much like me in many ways, my hubby is a crazy sailor turned endurance athlete like myself.  Unlike me–Mike is an “Ironman.”  I am only half an ironman (or ironwoman i guess…).  My ironman has decided that it is very “un-blogger” of me to call him by his name, and rather than using real names, I need to give nicknames.  Therefore, from here on out, I shall call him “Danish.” Yup, that’s right.  The name I began calling him when we first met, and the name all his friends (and all my friends) still call him.  Granted, the name suits him, it is, afterall, his (and now my) last name.  Nevertheless, the small detail of switching one of his real names for another one of his real names can be overlooked thanks to the fact that Danish is a completely perfect nickname for someone.

A very berry Danish...

Now, back to the issue of Danish being an Ironman.  Danish and I met college sailing.  We both sailed for “Division 1” sailing teams that competed against each other. It was there that I met “Danish.”  Anyway, being as it that he attended a military academy, he kept in pretty good shape his entire college career–no freshman 15 there….

a younger me and a younger Danish smoochy smoochy in my dorm...Eventually the military took him to TX. He had kept up this fitness routine and was riding his mtb to/from work everyday and kiteboarding every other.  When I moved in with him in TX, this was the routine.  I took my cruiser to the yacht club to work and he took his bike to work.  In the afternoons we would kiteboard (since, as I mentioned in a prior post, it is WINDY in Corpus Christi).  He would also run at lunch, and on occasion there would be a calm day in Corpus, he would swim from our condo (that was on the water) to a marker .5 miles into the bay and back for fun…..some might say he is crazy….I was one of those some….and I still am….

The view from our condo, if you squint you can see the bay marker he would swim to...

So, since we have cohabitated (and married) he has slowly convinced me somehow to ride a beach cruiser to and from work, he convinced me (well, and taught me) how to kiteboard and convinced me that swimming laps at a local (awesome) lap pool in CC would be great cross training for kiteboarding.  So now I was sucked into this world of swim, bike, run without even noticing–minus the run (which I stumbled upon on my own as I mentioned in a prior post).

We moved to Miami, completed a marathon (both of our first–I am pretty sure my last) and then MY first half ironman (he had done one before back in flight school).  Somewhere in there, he got it in his head that he would be pretty good at the full Ironman distance, and thus added “Ironman” to his bucket list.  And if you know Danish, that doesnt just mean doing an ironman, it means qualifying for the World Championships and then trying to destroy the field there…since, he, like me, is a go big or go home person–only he actually gets REALLY good results.  In his first marathon, he finished in 3:12 and WON his age group–no biggie (meanwhile, I was limping to the finish line in 6 hrs…did I mention this race was my idea??).  In my first half IM, he finished in 4:54, was 2nd in his age group, and 12th overall–no biggie (meanwhile, I was limping to the finish line in 6:25).  In his second marathon he finished in 3:01 (and was PISSED he didnt finish under 3 hrs).  You catch my drift, he is actually REALLY good at this stuff!  He is human I assure you, since, despite being some freak of nature in the land of endurance racing, he still can’t seem to close kitchen cabinet doors OR clean up after making a pb&j:


Thanks to the addition of Joe Friel in our (yes, I too use Joe for my training plans) lives, Mike took on a training schedule to put him on the path to dominating an Ironman….this video is pretty sums up how training affects ones daily life:

Which brings us to his first Ironman, Ironman Texas, this past May 2011…..more on Ironman Danish to follow…

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