Ode to Fatty’s Odes

So, I hope that you have had the chance to read Elden Nelson’s, aka the Fat Cyclist, blog (www.fatcyclist.com).  His humor is right up my alley–and for anyone who has read his blog before has probably been lucky enough to catch one of his “Odes”.  For those of you who have not, oftentimes, Fatty likes to sing the praises of products/people he loves (one of my fav odes is http://www.fatcyclist.com/2010/05/20/ode-to-phil-and-paul/).  In MY tribute to Fatty and his Ode writing, I felt that it was necessary to sing the praises of my Specialized Romin saddle….so I begin:

Oh Specialized Romin saddle, in the words of Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire–you complete me….

After a endless fight with saddle sores and going through about 9 saddles:

3 that were completely torn to shreds (apparently I have aggressive butt cheeks)

3 that were just WAYYYY wrong

3 that were pink, but also didn’t work (I may or may not have a pink problem)

I was about to give up hope that would ever ride a bike saddle sore free.  I would venture from bike shop to bike shop gazing longingly at walls of new saddles, hoping one day one of them would jump off a wall into my arms and say it was the one for me.

Then, one day IT happened!! No- the saddle did not jump off the wall at me, rather the bike mechanic sent from heaven walked into the room…..Ok, ok, that might be exaggerating a bit, he wasn’t sent from heaven, he was sent from the workshop in back to help me, the customer, –but you catch my drift.  Being fed up with my saddle hunt and being fed up having saddle sores, I was despondent and almost inconsolable.  He asked what I was looking for…and then I had a bad episode of diarrhea of the mouth and I began to vent…

I said I had tried it all:  I had tried the Trek/Bontrager stock saddle TWICE, I had tried the Selle Italia diva gel flow, I had tried the Fi’zik Vitesse, I had tried the Specialized Ruby, saddles with more padding, saddles with less padding, saddles with no channel, saddles with a channel…EVERYTHING!  And then I went into saddle sore descriptions–I was desperate and he, I could tell, was grossed out…

Only I was not in a Dr's office...I was in a bike shop....(oh-and I am not a dude)

Then there was silence…an awkward silence…as the last thing I had spoken of was my saddle sores (probably too much information).  MFH(mechanic from heaven) then reached to the wall, grabbed a saddle, and said he literally feels my pain.  He shared that he too suffered from saddle sores and the ONLY saddle that worked for him was the one in his hands.  He said while everyone is different, my issues sounded a lot like his.  He had me jump on a bike in the store that had the saddle on it to see how it feels and I agreed that I would buy the saddle BUT if it DID NOT work, then it would become the shop’s new demo saddle. AWESOME!

From the moment I sat on this saddle I felt like Cinderella realizing the glass slipper fit.  The Specialized Romin Expert is a no frills bike saddle.  It has the biggest saddle cut out you can have without having those crazy saddles often found on TT bikes.  This cut out allows for air flow where I was needing it most.

It has a natural rocker built-in to the saddle, so my sit bones are taking the load.  It is light weight (added bonus) probably due to the NO padding it has.  I always thought, trying saddle after saddle, that I needed padding to make my riding comfortable, I finally learned that I actually needed NO padding to get rid of the saddle sores.  Despite the Specialized Romin Expert NOT coming in pink, and, in fact, having no pink detailing AT ALL (it actually has red–urgh!) I was sold the second my butt hit  it–I think it is fair to say this saddle had me at hello.  Thank you mechanic from heaven and Spcialized Romin Expert for making my 21 hour training weeks fly by saddle sore free!  AND check out how good the Specialized Romin Expert looks on Rizzo (my 6.9 SSL Project One):

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