Like Buffy, the vampire, but with a “D”

My name is Duffy.  The pronunciation of my name never cause issues all 26 years I lived in the North East.  However, now being a resident of Miami, this name causes some issues for people often times requiring the explanation “no, not Stefi, it’s like Buffy but with a D” or “no, not Delfi, its more like Buffy the vampire, but with a D.”….anyway, you get the point…

Growing up outside of Boston (and being a die hard Boston sports fan, as all good Bostonians are) I grew up playing hockey– ice hockey (as if there was another kind of hockey…).

I am pretty convinced that hockey is the only reason I am at all half way decent at riding a bike, other than logging many hours on a bike when I was little AND not to mention the 4 years of commuting on an Electra Beach Cruiser (I have the “Rosie” and “the Hawaii”–i may have a bike problem) to and from work in Corpus Christi, TX.

The reason the beach cruiser commuting is at all a factor is that every day I rode my almost 30lb cruiser a total of 7 miles.  7 miles is no big deal except for the Corpus sea breeze factor– the wind usually blows at a minimum 15mph every day and our house was directly upwind of my work….(for the record, it was NOT a windy day when this pic was taken–rare)  On top of the regular commute, add in trips to the grocery and, of course, to the bars (our two fav. bars were appx 10-12 miles round trip) on tuesdays, fridays, and saturdays.  My hubby and I estimated that I logged close to 1000 miles on my cruiser in the first year of owning it.

Anyway, while living in TX, I decided it was time to get back in the shape I was when I was at the top of my game playing college hockey.  One day my friend handed me a copy of runners world to read on the plane on my way to house hunt in Miami (as we got word hubby was being relocated with the CG to MIA).  In that magazine, was the cover story, “The Rise of the Skirt Culture.”  I was hooked, I would start running BECAUSE I could run in a cute (pink) skirt.  Done and done.  And two pages later in the same issue was an ad for the Breast Cancer Marathon in JAX  (  Done and done again.  So, I got off the plane, ready to purchase my skirt and register for a marathon–my husband was left wondering what sauce I had drank on the plane that had me get off the flight with this plan but he was in (being a lifetime runner, cyclist, kiteboarder, sailor-yeah, pretty much super-freak athlete, the thought of a marathon was not daunting to him).  As luck would have it, so were 8 of my closest friends (largely due in part to the awesomeness of my friends who also wanted to support Breast Cancer Research–my mom had died from Breast Cancer just a few months prior).   I finished the marathon…and promptly realized I needed a bike–a race bike.

Running away from running as fast as I ran into it, in all my hours of training in our new home Miami I always gazed longingly at those who could coast on their fancy carbon race machine road bikes (when running, coasting doesnt exist, you just stop moving)…I was ready for my bike!

3 thoughts on “Like Buffy, the vampire, but with a “D”

  1. God, I love you, eventhough you made me run that first marathon with you! Cycling is still too crazy for me, when you get crazy into SUP, lemme know. Love ya, can’t wait to read this all the time!

  2. Good work Duff this RULES! Keep the updates coming. Very impressed with this and what you have accomplished. Proud to say I’m your brother. Keep up the great work Duff. love you.

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